Here we are:  Raija and Mike


We are a couple who have been married for almost 34 years and we feel that we know each other pretty well by now. (Most useful when you are sharing a space of about 12m2)

We have lived 15 years in England and 20 years in Sweden and have three children and five grandchildren (so far). Mike is English and I am Swedish with Finnish roots.

 We see ourselves as people who see possibilities instead of difficulties and take life as it comes. It is also an advantage being a problem solver, especially on a boat. Nothing seems to work the first time around!

 Professionally we have tried different things, which also is an asset in our venture. Mike has previously been a seaman in the British Merchant Navy and as a landlubber he has worked as a building worker and carpenter. I myself have been working with people in different ways, e.g. in sales, office/administration, child minder (about the toughest and most rewarding there is), union work and now within popular education within WEA Sjuhärad.

 Our sailing experience started 1995 through a sailing course at Gunnars Seglarskola in Ljungskile, Sweden.  This we joined after several courses towards getting a Yachting Masters certificate.  We also obtained our VHF-certificate and a certificate in astronomical navigation. It was also necessary for us to get a canal certificate as we are planning to go through the canals of Europe. A most useful certificate is the Advanced First Aid certificate which we passed last year. (must say that this was a very good education, which should be available for everybody)

 Now we are going to realize a dream that we have had for 25 years, i.e. to sail away on a long trip together. It is exciting that it is happening at long last.  Our plan is to make our way down to the Mediterranean, meet people, see different countries and experience different cultures.  Something to remember and bore people with when we one day sit in a “home”.  We do not want to end up there thinking:  “What if….”


Your are welcome to follow our adventure!