The journey begins in Stenungsund


The date of departure is getting nearer.  We have now decided that we will leave on the 7th August – weather permitting. It will be nice with some holiday!

We have been working with the preparation of the boat from morning till night for several months now. At last we are beginning to see an end to it. There has also been a lot to do with documentation, vaccinations and making sure that all our cancellations actually are cancelled. There have been a lot of discrepancies, e.g. in our International Certificate, which couldn´t  be corrected until the staff returned from their holiday. Getting invoices from an insurance company for our car which we sold in July, etc. Most frustrating to say the least!

We moved out of our house on the last day of May. We have lived on the boat since then.  How does it feel to move from 230m2 to 12m2? Just fantastic!  We haven´t  missed the house one bit. It has taken time to find a place for everything, but now  we feel that everything is where it should be. And yes, we do get a long fine the two of us. Life has got a different dimension altogether here on the boat. We are together the entire time, work together well as a team and we are learning new things. Do we ever argue?  I say what I have always said to our children: “We are only having a loud discussion sometimes”. Now we are looking forward to experiencing new places, meeting new people and cultures.

After living in Stenungsund for a couple of months we have made a lot of new friends, whom we of course will miss, but whom we hope to keep in touch with.  This applies of course to our friends everywhere.

We would like to extend our thanks to all who have helped us on our way. No one mentioned – no one forgotten.

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