Antoing till/to Paris

Wall supporting bank/stöttande mur Wall supporting bank/stöttande mur
Canal-de-St. Quentin Canal-de-St. Quentin
River Oise/Floden Oise Country side/ Ute på landet
Along the canal/ längs med kanalen Another view/ En annan utsikt
"If you go down in the woods today..."/Teddy Bear´s Picnic More woods/Mer skog
What is in the trees?/Vad är det uppe i träden? There is more.../Det finns mer...
House in Cambrai/Hus i Cambrai More houses/ fler hus
Different styles/Olika stilar More different styles/ Fler olika stilar
Nice pink house/ Fint rosa hus Terraced houses/ Radhus
Houses along the Seine/Hus längs med Seine Flats in Paris/Lägenheter i Paris
Along the river Oise/Längs floden Oise Sailing on the river/ Segling på floden
Nice town/Trevlig stad Tunnel entrance/tunnel mynningen
On our way into tunnel/På väg in i tunneln Further in the tunnel/Längre in i tunneln
Underneath the arches/ Under alla broar